August 28, 2009

Know Yourself For That Job Interview

Remember when you found out you had an interview for that great job position? You were excited at first, told everyone you knew. You were elated! Then it all sunk in. All the questions run through your head. How do I handle this interview? Can I do this job? What do I say? The interviewer will have questions too. "So tell me a bit about yourself." They want to get to know you. They want to know if you can do the tasks required. But the question here is "Do you know you?"

Preparing "to know" yourself for a job you are considering or the next interview is a great asset to every interview. "Is this the job position that I really want?", "What is my salary requirement?" are some of the main questions you should be asking yourself. Take an inventory. Find some paper and write some down questions.
• "Where do you see yourself in five years?"
• "Can you advance to this position in this company?"
• "What asset can you bring to their company?"
• "What responsibility did you like the most in your last position?"
• "Why did you like this responsibility?"
• "Why should they hire you?"

Continue writing down other questions that may be helpful. Once you've answered these questions, compare the results with the jobs you are considering. Answering these questions and seeing them in black and white you are now one step ahead of the game.

The more you know about yourself the better your job search and or interview will be. And now when you're getting dressed for that interview or your sitting down to do a job search you have your best assets in hand and are ready to find that job that's just right for you.