September 8, 2009

The Online Application

Applying online has become quite the norm for the job seeker these days. It can be quite the exhausting task. Uploading resumes, filling out corporate applications and the hard part, remembering which company you applied to.

Whether you apply online or on paper you need a form of organization. You might want to start with a few tips:

1. Start a file for your resumes in your computer. You should have a few different resumes for qualified positions. This will give you some focus in your job search.

2. Start a document to list all the companies you are applying to. This list should have a place for the company name, address, phone, email, date and position you applied. This will give you instant access if you get an interview call from a company you applied to. You also may want a place for websites like Employment Guide to keep track on which website you applied through.

3. Pick a specific time of day to do your searching. Monday and Tuesday mornings are usually a good time. Many sites place new job postings in the beginning of the week.

4. Setup your social networking pages. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace are great places to show employers who you really are. But keep these pages to the business point of view. You might not want them to see your last vacation on the beach.

Finally, allow yourself a certain amount of time on the computer. Stay focused and geared for the next application you need to fill out. Very easily you can be distracted and redirected somewhere else and next thing you know you are on a vacation website scheduling your next week on the beach!